Network Management System


A smart solution to improve performance, reduce disruption, and improve reliability

PC-G8 NMS is a warm standby management solution supporting multiple remote client stations. It monitors a variety of equipment eg power, environment, telecoms and security, automatically reporting alarms & pre-emptive events (using smart logic solutions).

Actively managing system nodes and associated equipment, especially where these are remote and geographically distributed, can bring significant benefits in operational efficiency, resource scheduling and the quality of information on system resources. These translate to ensuring maximum equipment availability and minimum system down time and cost, factors that can help you provide your customer the highest level of service, whatever your business.

We have developed a range of solutions under the generic PC-G8 brand, which coupled with our range of Remote Terminal Units offers a powerful node management solution that provides an operational overview of system performance, 24 hours a day.

Using Microsoft Windows technology, the node management solution is designed to help monitor and manage systems and equipment, locally or remotely located, in an efficient and logical way.

Easily integrated into customers existing environments, PC-G8 can be utilised to support the business front-end systems (OSS Handoffs), thereby offering the ideal solution for system maintainers giving them the ability to improve the level of service provided and reduce maintenance costs whilst ensuring Service Level Agreement (SLA) obligations are satisfied.

Download our PC-G8 Network Management System Datasheet

key features in the download

  • PC-G8 NMS inc MNDC
  • Powerful GUI
  • Comprehensive Remote Site Monitoring
  • Software download to NEs
  • Flexible Input/Output

Network Architecture

The above architecture shows the extensive range of communications mediums and protocols supported by the PC-G8 network management system (NMS).

The system supports communications to remote geographical locations using basic copper line, CBR through PSTN to IP technologies.

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The MNDC forms an integral part of the Network Management solution by supporting network polling functions and route management.

This equipment forms part of our PC-G8 network management system. The SP-85 Modular Network Data Controller (MNDC) polls groups of Multiplexer and RTU products, and acts as a proxy to our network management system, as part of the overall distributed management strategy. There are two versions of MNDC, one supporting polling using 16 x RS232/RS422 serial ports and one which provides modem polling instead of the serial port polling. Both versions support ethernet RTU-E communication.

Resilience as an individual failure of an MNDC does not affect the whole network.

Data management and processing efficiency through distributed elements

A single ethernet port on an MNDC can support up to 200 remote RTUs of which 100 may be SP-35 RTU-Es.

Download SP-85 Modular Network Data Controller Standard Option data sheet

Download SP-85 Modular Network Data Controller Dial-In Option data sheet