Other Equipment

Our range of currently available equipment focuses on safety, reliability, security and connectivity.

PETS (Public Emergency Telephone System)

Where safety is a predominant issue D&IT have a secure solution to display critical alarms developed in conjunction with Network Rail. Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) interface to the PETS equipment for each level crossing, and are powered from the standard 48V DC telecommunications supply.

The SP-15 with Polling option organises the communications to and from the loop of RTUs and interfaces to the Text Alarm Display Unit (TADU), which is located in the Signaller’s Control Console, and provides a textual display of the alarms that the PETS generate, together with a series of status indicators and audio alarms.

Alarm Display System for PETS data sheet

TADU (Text Alarm Display Unit)

The D&IT TADU – Simple Alarm Monitoring & Display System has been developed to address the requirements for monitoring small systems and displaying alarms on a simple display in locations where space is at a premium e.g in Signal Control Rooms. The reported alarm data can be monitored at the PC-G8 system in the control centre if required.

Simple Alarm Monitoring and Display Unit data sheet

VL Monitor

Developed in conjunction with Network Rail the D&IT Voltage monitoring system provides a means of detecting excessive voltages induced into trackside copper cables and generates pre-emptive and high voltage alarms to alert engineering and operations staff of potentially lethal voltages.

Voltage Monitoring Unit data sheet

Cable Theft & Asset Protection Monitor

A solution to assist in the detection of cable faults, helps identify the location of the section in which the problem has occurred and forwards alarm information to D&ITs Network Management System (PC-G8). Protection for non-fixed assets can be supported by connecting a Smart Hub into the M/F Port of the RTU. The smart hub then communicates with the Asset Protection (AP) Sensors using secure radio communications.

Cable Theft & Asset Protection data sheet

SNMP Agent (Simple Network Management Protocol)

The D&IT SNMP Agent expands network monitoring capabilities quickly and efficiently without the need for custom programming.  The SNMP Agent may be utilised to collect environmental and equipment status alarms and report them to a 3rd party SNMP management system.

In particular for Multi-Vendor Networks, the SNMP Agent addresses the need for a cost effective solution to integrate into a common management architecture.

SNMP Agent data sheet

Legacy equipment

For items not in our primary catalogue that we still support (where we can get components) see here.