Who we are

DMS (Data Management) Ltd is a vastly experienced and talented team led by Colin Kimberley (that’s the fella above) and Don Peacock. Operations are managed on a day to day basis by Chris Searle with Stewart Wittering looking after market development.

In the beginning

DMS acquired the assets of Data and Information Management Ltd (DIML) way back in 2012 with the purpose of continuing to develop the products and services supplied to the UK Rail remote monitoring stations around the country. As time moves on so must and does our business.

Why keep using the “old” D&IT name? Simple really. Data and Information Technology Ltd. (D&IT) was founded in 1987 targeting the data acquisition and control market, producing innovative solutions for customers in the transportation and utilities sectors. Many customers know us by referring to the “DIT kit”


As the business developed, the company launched telecommunication multiplexing products and associated Network Management System products aimed at the access market. This product range supports solutions for operators of lower capacity telecommunications networks, in addition to the telecommunications market supporting SNMP agents and management options to enable deployment in Multi vendor networks. From our base near Leicester we have facilities for a team who are highly experienced with a broad knowledge of different types of technologies and their associated industries.

Data Management

Initially providing data acquisition and integrated communication systems into the transportation industry, DMS has gained comprehensive market knowledge through strategic long-term relationships with major clients and OEM arrangements. This knowledge has yielded a thorough understanding of the business and market requirements and has consequently allowed DMS to design and implement innovative technology to meet tomorrows challenges.

Where next

We use experienced experts in their field with regards to all aspects of the business from hardware to software to rigorous testing. We continue to provide support for legacy equipment (so if you have some of our old – pre 2012 – kit and are stuck, get in touch) but in the main DMS continues to develop existing products with new features and additional capabilities to ensure we are as relevant today as before.

Sustainability & the environment

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability and ensuring we leave the planet in a better state than we entered it. Ensuring products, packaging, transport etc are as environmentally friendly as possible. As a business we look to use recycled parts where we can and minimise waste however whilst our physical products do contain metals and plastics they are designed to last. When you replace them (usually after 20+ years) send them back to us for scrapping and repurposing.

download our environmental policy here

Data Security

As part of our remote testing we do not link into your live data instead we have a reference model on site which we can program to simulate possible problematic areas. This has been developed over many years and provides a comprehensive secure testing environment.

download our GDPR policy here

Quality Assurance

Our internal development and product manufacturing processes are documented and include robust testing procedures. We are working towards official ISO recognition but in the meantime should you wish to seek in-person confirmation please ask.

download our quality control policy here