What we do

We provide a monitoring system both physical and non-physical to monitor events – you decide what and where from. The “alarm” data is then presented to you in a structured way. We can incorporate this into your management system to minimise terminals. So, we monitor your world!

Network management

How the data is collected, managed and presented. Our PC-G8 NMS (Network Management System) uses intuitive screens with multiple drill down and reporting options. You can have up to 96 MNDCs (Modular Network Data Concentrators) per single system. Find out more about the management system can help you and the physical MNDC, our SP-85.

Network elements

Where the information is collected. Our RTUs (Remote Terminal Unit) are usually deployed in geographically remote locations anywhere in the country. There are thousands in use. They can be anywhere as they connect to the MNDC via IP, ethernet, PSTN, Copper Line Drivers. If you run multiple MNDCs (and you can) then part of what we do is work out suitable groupings with you. Each MNDC can support up to 200 RTUs of which 100 may be RTU-E’s (ethernet). Our SP-15 RTU can handle up to 80 physical inputs and the SP-35 RTU-E, 48 physical inputs, both support up to 1024 serial data inputs. Both products can be configured with multiple Plug In Modules (PIMs) as required. Find out more about our RTUs, the SP-35 and SP-15.

Plug In Modules

What information can be gathered. You have a great system, but what can you actually monitor? Typical uses revolve around environmental monitoring (temperature, relative humidity, primary power and telecoms battery status) but also premises security (door alarms/control, item theft – unexpected movement). With multiple inputs per RTU and the ability to combine multiple RTUs at any given site and on to multiple MNDCs we can monitor and report on thousands of alarm and event states on a single terminal. More here.

Other products

Our current catalogue includes for the following specialist items

PETS (Public Emergency Telephone System) , TADU (Text Alarm Display Unit), VL Monitor, Multiplexers, SNMP Agent (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Find out more here


We support our customers by providing training courses to cover all aspects of network management operation, hierarchical GUI creation through to installation, hardware configuration and programming for network elements.

Repairs and Returns

We provide a comprehensive repair return program to agreed SLAs for both primary catalogue equipment and legacy equipment.

Legacy product support

Whilst this equipment is no longer part of our primary catalogue it is still supported wherever components are available.