Keeping your world alive matters

At DMS (Data Management) Ltd we provide monitoring equipment and services to help you improve performance, reduce disruption and improve reliability with smart solutions ensuring you know when your remote network critical systems are up and running. Providing reliable, sustainable and robust solutions to the UK rail industry being at the heart of our business for 30+ years.

All our products are Rail Approved.

Get Data

Not only do we have our own range of environmental sensors which seamlessly plug in to our RTUs (Remote Terminal Unit) but third party equipment signals, eg from multiplexers, can be fed into our units in pretty much any format and we convert it to a common format and feed it into the control centre for real time monitoring.

A remote building door opens unexpectedly – you’ll know about it.

Temperatures drop too low or raise too high – you’ll know about it.

Cable theft – you’ll know about it.

We have a number of prebuilt equipment Plug In Modules/Sensors – see our network elements page.

Get Data Management

Our systems currently monitor live inputs from many sensors at thousands of locations around the UK. Consolidating this data needs control. Our proprietory MS Windows based PC-G8 solution is a powerful node management system which provides real time operational overview of performance 24 hours a day. Find out more here.


We are constantly improving and evolving our solutions be they Data Management Systems or physical units to ensure they remain reliable, sustainable and robust. Find out more about us here.